23: What's Changed Over 2021?

This week we have a short episode for you talking about what changes we've noticed in the field of potential candidates for the 2024 US presidential election since we started our show in January 2021. This is our last episode for 2021, but we'll be back in January 2022 with more interviews and discussion on who might be next to take the US Presidential Oath of Office!

22: @DrummondCulture - Undecided

Our guest this week is @DrummondCulture, host of 'Positive Talk' on IGTV. Listen as Travis and Drummond discuss the difference between 'Trump voting conservatives' and 'Trump supporters' and how life as a liberal in conservative environments can help you find your voice in politics.

Follow Drummond across digital media at:
Drumond Culture

21: Pat - Undecided

Join Travis as he talks with Pat, a Louisiana native and current Texas resident. Listen as they discuss Pat's earliest memories about politics (such as David Duke's rise in the Louisiana political scene) and how Pat's support of Trump changed as the Trump administration eventually came to an end.

20: Best of "Would You Rather...?"

IT'S OUR TWENTIETH EPISODE!! It's been a great experience that will continue. Shout out to you and each & every listener, time is precious and we're happy that you spend some with us!

Enjoy listening to this curated selection from our first 20 episodes of some of the best responses during our 'Would You Rather...?" segment.

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19: A Yank, a Brit, & a Swede Talk US Politics

Serving something a little different, this week Travis reviews some of the events surrounding the January 6th attack on the US Capitol Building and what happened on the day itself. Listen to hear what some of the rioters were saying that day while in the Capitol Building, where some of the legal proceedings stand in holding individuals present that day responsible for their actions, and what the conversation has been like across the country since that fateful day.

18: A Yank, a Brit, & a Swede Talk US Politics

Listen in as Travis is joined by Chris and Toby, part of the team behind Beyond Binary Thinking - a podcast where they try to discuss a path through the simplistic and tribalistic binary of whatever debates they find worth having. Join them as they share international perspectives on contemporary US presidential politics and discuss how the American "left" isn't really left of center at all.

You can find Chris & Toby's show on all major podcast platforms which they have conveniently linked for you on their website: beyondbinarythinking.com

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17: Kyle - Kamala Harris/Elizabeth Warren

This week Travis talks to Kyle, a twenty-something from Seattle who found a passion for politics and advocacy at an early age. Listen as they chat about life in the Pacific Northwest, what it's like to grow up with parents that are on either side of the political spectrum, and how being witness to tragic events can impact your view of political issues.

Learn more about Kyle and his team's podcast Kitchen Unnecessary at: https://www.kitchenunnecessary.com and on Facebook and Instagram!

16: Ben - Kamala Harris

Join Travis as he talks to our guest this week - Ben from Staten Island. Ben is a musician, writer, and podcaster working at the intersection of cultural criticism and comedy. He also one half of the duo behind Little Bit Leave It, a podcast about all things Love Island UK. Listen as they talk about Ralph Nader, the war in Afghanistan, and the history of today's Democratic Party.

Listen to Little Bit Leave It here! You can also find Ben and his show on Twitter @lblipodcast and Facebook @LittleBitLeaveItPodcast.

15: Ray Chmielecki - Ron DeSantis

This week's guest is Ray Chmielecki, the talent behind Spoon Mob - an immersive experience by foodies for foodies featuring podcasts, reviews, and photos. Listen as he and Travis talk about life as a Cape Cod transplant in Ohio and how Biden can make his presidency historic.

Find out more about Spoon Mob at spoonmob.com and on social media on Instagram and Twitter!

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14: Jacob Waller - UK Perspective

This week's guest is Jacob Waller, the man behind Big Yellow Praxis and the show Underrated/Overhated, a podcast about music that is underrated or overhated in some way and unjustly forgotten by history.

Find Big Yellow Praxis on YouTube, Twitter, and on its website www.bigyellowpraxis.com.

13: Michael Bollentin - Undecided

This week Travis is joined by Michael Bollentin, an EMT and retired police officer who is running to represent New Jersey’s 14th Legislative District this fall. Listen as they talk about the Jersey Shore, the ever increasing number of citizens that self-identified as independents, and what he's looking for in the next president of the United States.

Michael also host his own podcast called Adding Context, a podcast of compelling conversations centered on enhancing and advancing the human experience.

Find Adding Context on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Listen to Michael's show on your podcast platform of choice and on their website at: https://www.addingcontext.com

12: Emanuel Humphrey - Pete Buttigieg/Kamala Harris

This week Travis sits down with Emanuel Humphrey, owner of ePIFFany Media, to talk about Emanuel's love of Cleveland, the role Ohio plays in our presidential elections, and who he thought would have been a better VP pick for Biden.

Learn more about Emanuel, ePIFFany Media, and their great shows at msha.ke/epiffanymedia.

Find them on social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

11: Malachi Mansfield - Undecided

This week Travis talks with Malachi Mansfield, a left coast liberal, Navy veteran, and part time philosopher. Listen as they talk about growing up apolitical, what is was like in Nevada during the 2020 Presidential Election, and discuss the concept of Good Dudelyness.

@GoodDudelyness - Facebook, Twitter

Check out Good Dudelyness on Medium!


10: Episode 1 Recast

Ten episodes! Something we didn't know if we make. It's been 5 months since the show started and it's time to revisit where we started so we can understand where we're going. We'll be back in 2 weeks with a new episode with a new guest. Until then, enjoy!

9: Xavier Santiago - Kamala Harris

This week Travis talks to Xavier Santiago, host of the podcast X After Hours, a podcast that bills itself as “Politics, Pop culture, and a sprinkle of treason” with the added tagline that “Washington is backed up, and we are the enema!” Listen as they talk about why Xavier is nonpartisan, why that's different than being an independent, and how a summer supporting the 2008 Obama campaign shaped his political identity.

8: @mattactorgordon - Kamala Harris

Join Travis as he talks to Matt Gordon, the actor, singer, dancer, & comedian behind @mattactorgordon on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Listen as they discuss growing up in eastern Georgia, how Matt stays on top of the latest in political news, and what he'd ask President Biden if given the chance to ask him one question.

7: Katie - AOC / Pete Buttigieg

Katie is a mother to three and has been an American expat living abroad for over five years including the entire length of former President Trump's first (and maybe only) term. Listen as she and Travis talk about what it's like growing up in Texas when you realize you might just be a liberal, what presidential politics looks like to an expat, and what is on the minds of parents today as they work to raise their children in these politically charged times.

To learn more about Black Mamas Matter Alliance, the charity Katie discusses, go to: https://blackmamasmatter.org

Black Mamas Matter Alliance is a Black women-led cross-sectoral alliance that looks to advocate, drive research, build power, and shift culture for Black maternal health, rights, and justice.

Twitter: @BlkMamasMatter

Instagram: @blackmamasmatter

Facebook: @BlackMamasMatter

YouTube: Black Mamas Matter Alliance BMMA

6: Isaac Goff-Mitchell - AOC/Julian Castro

This week Travis sits down with Isaac Goff-Mitchell, host of The Youth Vote, a podcast about the different ways young people interact with politic. Listen as they discuss what it means to be a modern/contemporary progressive and ponder the future of the Democratic Party.

5: Taylor Ealand - Nikki Haley

This week Travis is joined by Taylor, one of the co-host of Contrarix, a podcast that offers social and political commentary from the perspective of two young conservatives. Listen as they talk about Taylor's experiences voting in presidential elections, low-information voters, and the good and bad of federalizing national elections.

4: Jordan - Kamala Harris

This week Travis talks with current DC resident and New York native, Jordan. Join them as they discuss Jordan's past career in politics, why he's moved more to the left in recent years, and what he hopes to see from Democrats and Republicans in the 2024 Presidential Election.

3: Matthew Hurtt - Undecided

This week Travis is joined by Matthew Hurtt, a nationally recognized grassroots organizer and public speaker. Listen as they talk about Matthew's journey to becoming a "political operative" and what he's looking for in a 2024 presidential candidate.

2: Jerry - Joe Biden

Join Travis as he talks to Jerry, a DC native with a passion for talking about politics and finding new ways to get temporarily banned from social media for sharing his views.

1: Microphones Sure Can Be Sensitive

TODAY IS THE DAY! Download and listen to our premiere episode where Travis talks about the origins of the pod and picks his Four Jackasses of the Political Apocalypse!