Episode 17

Episode Notes

This week Travis talks to Kyle, a twenty-something from Seattle who found a passion for politics and advocacy at an early age. Listen as they chat about life in the Pacific Northwest, what it's like to grow up with parents that are on either side of the political spectrum, and how being witness to tragic events can impact your view of political issues.

Learn more about Kyle and his team's podcast Kitchen Unnecessary at: https://www.kitchenunnecessary.com and on Facebook and Instagram!

November 5, 2024 and the selection of might be our 47th President is

away from today

Would You Rather...?

How about some thinkers to cleanse the palate? Enjoy!

  • Live in an episode of The West Wing or Parks and Rec?

  • Learn of a Watergate level scandal during the Obama administration or see Trump reelected in 2024?

  • One of your children grow up to be a QAnon believer/supporter or never see all Americans gain fair and equitable access to healthcare in your life?

  • On a sinking ship and you have one spot in your lifeboat that you have to fill, would you rather save Mitch McConnell or Joe Manchin?

  • You've been elected President, would you rather Rivers Cuomo or Eminem sing the national anthem at your inaguration?