Episode 15

Episode Notes

This week's guest is Ray Chmielecki, the talent behind Spoon Mob - an immersive experience by foodies for foodies featuring podcasts, reviews, and photos.

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November 5, 2024 and the selection of might be our 47th President is

away from today

Ohio Voting History in Presidential Elections

Learn more on Wiki.

How are Romneycare and Obamacare alike and different?

Learn more here!

Who do you think might be our 47th President?

Ron DeSantis

Would You Rather...?

How about some thinkers to cleanse the palate? Enjoy!

  • See America enact an equitable education system or a fair criminal justice?

  • You've been elected President. It is your Inauguration, your sitting down for dinner that night. Would you rather have dinner from Masa Takayama or Josh Skenes?

  • States not be allowed to display the Confederate flag on government property or see federal reparations to descendants of slaves?

  • Have Jim Jordan or Ted Cruz as a roommate?

  • For every meal for the rest of your life have shrimp included or always have each meal be in need of some salt, but never being allowed to add salt?

Masa Takayama

Learn more at masanyc.com about Masa Takayama, the three-starred Michelin chef behind Masa - a sushi restuarant in New York City.

Joshua Skenes

Find out more about three-starred Michelin chef Joshua Skenes and his sprawling ranch outside Seattle at joshuaskenes.com.