Episode 12

Episode Notes

November 5, 2024 and the selection of might be our 47th President is

away from today

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Ohio Presidential Primary History

The Ohio primary - moved up to stay relevant in the national picture - has been a March thing since 1996, but it hasn’t always been that way. Ohio held its primary on June 2 in 1992, May 3 in 1988, May 4 in 1984, June 3 in 1980, June 8 in 1976 and May 2 in 1972. Source

Biden's Potential VP Picks

On August 13, 2020 The New York Times reported there were four finalists for Biden's VP (Source: NY Times via Wiki)

Senator and 2020 presidential candidate
Kamala Harris
from California

Former National Security Advisor
from Washington, D.C.

Senator and 2020 presidential candidate
Elizabeth Warren
from Massachusetts

Gretchen Whitmer
from Michigan

Net worth of 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Candidates

Candidates running for president are required to detail their financial holdings, debt, and sources of income so that the public can identify any conflicts of interest they may have. OpenSecrets.org calculated the minimum and maximum estimated net worth of the Democratic field. (Source)

* Michael Bloomberg, Mike Gravel, & John Hickenlooper dropped out of race on or before deadline (that may have been granted an extension by Federal Election Commission) to submit financial disclosure forms.** OpenSecrets.org estimated Donald Trump's net worth to be from $930,070,182 to $1,697,133,057

Would You Rather...?

How about some thinkers to cleanse the palate? Enjoy!

  • See America enact an equitable education system OR a fair criminal justice system?

  • You’ve been elected President, it’s your inauguration. Would you rather Jay-Z OR Jamie Foxx sing the National Anthem?

  • States not be allowed to display the confederate flag on government property OR see federal reparations to descendants of slaves?

  • The Cleveland Browns win a Super Bowl before 2024 OR see democrat re/elected in 2024?

Who do you think might be our 47th President?

Pete Buttigieg

Kamala Harris